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Magyar Telekom

Magyar Telekom is the largest mobile telco provider in Hungary. and Telekom started a partnership in 2017 to support Telekom’s new HR strategy for retail sales. Changing approach to a more consultative sales, Telekom required new salesforce that focuses on customer support.

After assessing more than 100 Telekom employees,’ data analyst team created a benchmark profile fit for the new requirements. Using this profile as comparison and integrating’ game-based assessment as the first step of the HR funnel, Telekom was able to restructure its sales organization. Not only was their time-to-hire decreased by 80% (from net 20 hours to 4 hours), but the new team members were able to pick up pace quicker (within 3 months) and increased customer satisfaction with 20%.


Green Fox Academy

Green Fox Academy is a coding bootcamp based in downtown Budapest. Students, or apprentices as they call them, can become junior software developers in just four months. Upon completing their rigorous program, apprentices work closely with career counselors at Green Fox Academy to obtain their fist coding jobs.

Benchmark Games uses machine learning algorithms and gaming solutions to help Green Fox Academy streamline their selection process and identify high potential applicants.  The data analyst team at Benchmark Games created a benchmark profile from a pool of over 400 apprentices and alumni.  The profiles enabled the admissions staff members at Green Fox Academy to compare the new applicants to their successful graduates.  The Benchmark games were customized for Green Fox Academy to measure not only general mental ability but 10 other really important skills such as learning ability, endurance, problem solving, and self-reflection; skills deemed important by Green Fox Academy to complete their highly intensive course. 

As Fruzsina Ternovics / Psychologist , Selection Manager succinctly said "Benchmark game results give a really solid basis to rely on during the selection process as the top results from applicants are highly correlated with those from top performing students."

Green Fox Academy

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