Bias-Free Assessments

Our online games are designed to match applicants with their ideal roles based on behavioral science, nothing else.

Are you hiring top performers?

Our online games reveal which candidates will perform well on the job.
No more guesswork based on resumes alone. 

A Common Purpose!

Our online games help candidates understand their work style.
They also help hiring managers match a candidate's work style to their open positions.
This match means new hires who love their job and managers who love the increase in productivity.

Resumes are broken

High volume hiring is changing and so should the way we evaluate our job candidates.
Take the resume guesswork out of your hiring process.


Dotto game

Assess cognitive-style, work-style and ambition.

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CurioCity 800x592

CurioCity game

Measures learning capability, analytical thinking and flexibility.

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Multitask 800x592

MultiTask game

Focuses on working memory, executive attention and task switching.

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Time to Hire

Closing on new hires 80% faster.


20% higher Key Performance Indicators of new employees hired.

Employee Attrition

Reduced from 20% to 5%.


New employees reach 95% of high performers’ KPIs in 3 months.


Easy-to-localize in-game instructions for any
language and/or country.

Experienced Provider

Thousands of customers around the world and still counting.

Outstanding Support

Get the best answers possible directly from the developers of the theme within 24 hours (or even faster).

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