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Benchmark.games revolutionizes the recruiting process, redefines talent management and helps job-seekers to find their best career fit.

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Benchmark.games works with your existing ATS so you can see candidates’ on-the-job competencies alongside all their other information.

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Get to know your job abilities and competencies, so you’ll find your best fit job position.

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5 advantages when you choose Benchmark.games

Shorten time-to-hire

Strive to speed up the selection process. It improves your organization’s performance, while saves time to other tasks.

Reduce cost per hire

Minimize your HR expenses, so you can invest in new employees and spend on other initiatives.

Make bias-free decisions

Shift from gut-feeling to objectivity. Becoming bias-free is hard, but not impossible.

Identify candidates’ cognitive abilities and hard skills

Reveal how your candidates would perform on the job! There’s nothing better for this, than accurate data.

Provide better candidate experience

Impress your candidates with game-based assessments. First impression is indeed important!

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