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Through game-based assessments, Benchmark.games helps to digitalize the recruitment process, redefines talent management and supports job-seekers in finding their best career fit. We provide our clients with a shortlist of candidates, which is based on on-the-job abilities, behavioral patterns, as well as machine learning algorithms that can predict job fit. We make the entire pre-selection process more engaging through game mechanics and more predictive via machine learning algorithms.

6 benefits of working with Benchmark.games

Shorten time-to-hire

Speed up your selection process. Our shortlist improves your organization’s performance by allowing your team to interview candidates who have the highest chance of succeeding.

Reduce cost per hire

Minimize your HR expenses. High-volume hiring can incur great costs, but using a pre-selection tool at the top of the funnel can help to reduce those costs by providing a reliable shortlist.

Make bias-free decisions

Shift from gut-feeling to objectivity. Becoming bias-free is hard, but using a game-based assessment tool that measures cognitive abilities takes you one step closer.

Identify cognitive abilities and hard skills

Get an idea of how your candidates would perform on the job. Our data-driven approach accurately identifies candidates' cognitive abilities and hard skills.

ATS integration

Benchmark.games' solution can be integrated into your existing Applicant Tracking System, so that you can see how your candidates performed in our game-based assessments alongside their application information.

Improve candidate experience

First impression is important. Engage your candidates with our game-based assessments, and improve the experience they have with your organisation.

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