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Benchmark is streamlining your hiring process.

The New HR Funnel

Streamline your preselection process by immediately seeing which candidates have the right on-the-job abilities

New HR Funnel

Internal Top Performer Evaluation

You already know who your top performers are — and we want to help you create an army of perfect hires. We start by evaluating the traits and abilities of your highest performing employees by having them play the games., which This sets a benchmark score to evaluate compare your candidates against.

Top Performers

Candidates Play The Games

Depending on the abilities and traits your open positions require, Benchmark recommends one or more of our evaluation games for the candidates to play.

Candidates Play the Game

Compare Candidate Scores

The game results show you how each candidate's on-the-job abilities compare to those of your existing high performers.

Candidate Scores

Working With Us works with your existing Applicant Tracking System or ATS so you can see candidates’ on-the-job competencies alongside all their other information. Good news if you’re using Taleo and Indivizo - our integrations are complete. If you’re using Workable ATS, or would like to, we are in the process of integration - will be available very soon. More ATS integrations are always in the works.

Work With Us

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